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PC3 USB map question

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Hi guys,

I recently installed a pc3 usb on my 2004 dl1000 (stock pipes and air filter) and I have been running it with the stock map that came on the cd with the pc3.

After reading the "PCIII Maps for DL1000" thread I downloaded a few maps to experiment.

To my suprise after decompressing the zip files and renaming them to .djm I am unable to load them into the Power Comander 3 USB program.

Example: the zip file decompresses into the file:

I renamed m311-BigB_v2 to m311-BigB_v2.djm

tried to load it and got the error message:

Unknown File type: 0x0033
Map File Version Error.

I instaleld the earlier version of the sfotware too that uses the .map files and tried to open it with that too but no luck.

What am I doing wrong ?


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They should unzip with the .DJM extension already on them. Do you have extensions turned off in your view preferences? If so, you're renaming one .djm.DJM, which could I suppose cause it to read funny.

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I have "hide known file extensions" disabled. I uncompressed the file on another computer and the result was the same. File name w/o the .djm extension.

I am puzzled. When you download the file it decompresses correctly with the .djm extension ?

In comparison the .djm files I got off the pc3 cd display correctly in the program.

What gives ?
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