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I met a fellow that has started making foot peg lowering brackets for the passenger.

The chief complaint of the lady that used to ride with me on the Vee was, "This thing hurts my knees."

Had the foot pegs been lower I may not now own a GL1800.

I recently bought an L2V and my lady friend hasn't ridden on it yet, but my guess is that the same issue will exist.

I have purchased a set of these brackets in anticipation of that.

The brackets that I bought will not fit on the DL1000, but I'm going to work with the guy to build a set for that bike, too.

On the DL650, they fit nicely in place of the stock pegs and pin back on with the stock peg pin. The peg then gets relocated to the bracket and uses the new, supplied pin, to hold in place.
The pegs will still fold up, but the brackets will not fold up.

I plan on taking the lady for a ride this weekend. Both with the lowering brackets and without and getting her feedback.

I'll post feedback and photos then.

Ride Safe!

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I bought one of the Dan Vesel passenger foot peg lowering kits for my wife. She likes it but I don't. I am constantly ramming the back of my calf with them so they are off of the bike unless she is on.

I also have his motorcycle jack stand adapter kit. It was just what I was looking for. Well made and fit perfectly.

His stuff is well made although you can tell it was made in a home workshop. Not a negative, but if you are looking for something that looks as if it was commercially made then his stuff may not be what you are looking for. For me, he had what I needed and the stuff I bought from him; the passenger peg relocaton kit, passenger backrest and the jack stand adapter were just fine and filled a need I had.
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