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Parts Storage

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I am currently wrecking an 02 DL1000 and intend to keep a few parts for future use. I am after advice on how to store these items.
1) Fuel tank - I was planning on spraying inside with some WD40 / oil spray then seal tank with tape.
2) Radiator - I plan to rinse out, dry and then seal with tape.
3) Master cylinders - not sure here. Hydraulic fluid seems to be corrosive, so not sure of best approach. Best to drain and flush fluid, then dry out?

Anyhow, thanks in advance for any advice.
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Fuel tank - empty and let the gas cap open. Store in a dry place
Radiator - See fuel tank
Master Cylinders - Empty any fluid then put the cap back on the reservoir the store in a dry place

Then in 20 years when the parts are 41 years old and you have realized you have not used any of his stuff it will be in nice condition when you throw it away.
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Quite true but my experience is that the radiators on DL1000s last about 100k km and my replacement DL could very well use it. It was only recently replaced.
As for the tank and master cylinders they're more for crash damage and don't take up much room.
It will probably be less than 20 yrs before I change my mind.
Or sell both and get a good set of crash bars and handguards
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