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Part needed: V-strom 650 K9 , top bracket of fairing frame only.

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Hey peeps,
Following a 180 flip over the bike at low speed ( cyclist crossing a 3-way lane randomly) the top (tip) bracket of my V-Strom frame is bent.
This also means that all the fairings popped out of place ( least of my worries ).
Garages don't want to touch it or bend the bracket back in shape and also ask me to order the part myself.

Now, this is a small bracket with two bolts see attached diagram. However, I cannot seem to find a place to order from unless I buy the full Frame Comp. part number 4110027G10YAP ,
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Frame is number 1, I am after the top part bracket only. which is fixed to the frame with 2 bolts.
Any clue, or tip on how to go about this?


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