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As a new DL650A owner, I came across this forum a few months ago, and wanted to first say thank you all for all the great posts!

Second, I wanted to share an absolutely fantastic trip I took late last week. Aside from some rain and hail, it was absolutely the best few days of riding I've ever had.

I have created a Google Map of the trip here: Longmont, CO to Longmont, CO - Google Maps

In case the link doesn't work, here are the directions. Pick some or all, but I think you'll find any of it to be fantastic riding.

Day 1:
Leave Longmont via Carter Lake (County Road 8e and North County Road 31).
Meet up with Highway 34 via County Road 29.
Stay left to turn on to County Road 43 and come in the back of Estes Park via Glen Haven and Devil's Gulch (fantastic twisties that make a great short ride).
Reconnect with Highway 34 and head West to the Rocky Mountain Natl Park entrance.
Highway 34 turns into Trail Ridge Road (at 12,300 ft, it is the highest highway in North America). NOTE: Trail Ridge is only open seasonally.
After leaving Rocky Mtn Natl, swing by Grand Lake (this is where it started raining on us).
Continue on Hwy 34 to Granby (rain turned to hail - ouch).
In Granby, pick up Hwy 40 towards Kremmling.
Continue on Hwy 40 up and over Rabbit Ears Pass and drop into Steamboat for the night.

Day 2:
Take the long way to Winter Park.
Go North out of Steamboat on 40 until you turn on County Road 27 (Hard to find - Look for signs to Oak Creek.
At Oak Creek, head South on Hwy 131 towards Yampa.
Near Toponas, head East on Hwy 134.
The entire stretch of Cnty Road 27, Hwy 131 and Hwy 134 is absolutely fantastic and shouldn't be missed!
Hwy 134 runs into Hwy 40 again. Take it South back through Kremmling and Granby (this is about the only double-back on the route - there's probably a better way if you have more time).
Hwy 40 runs straight South into Frasier and Winter Park.
If you're not riding with your bride, this is a fantastic place for her to come meet you for date night . . .

Day 3:
Take the long way home.
Hwy 40 South up and over the pass out of Winter Park.
Continue on Hwy 40 (which is the frontage road for I-70) to Idaho Springs.
Jump on Hwy 103 South to make that great loop through Squaw Pass.
Hwy 74 North to County Road 65 back up to Hwy 40 West.
Hwy 40 to Central City Parkway.
Just past Central City, pick up Hwy 119 towards Nederland.
Hwy 119 turns into Hwy 72 (the Peak-to-Peak Highway).
Drop down into Lyons on Highway 7.
Sadly complete the trip . . . .

A fantastic ride for you to enjoy all or part of. If you're ever bopping around up there, let me know if you want a riding partner!

Thanks again for the excellent forum!
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