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Real Dumb question here.


You change your oil.
you have a quart (or a gallon) that you only used 1/2.

You put the cap on it, and it sits on your shelf for the next 3 or 4 months.

Next oil change...
Do you use that opened (non virgin) oil or do you just buy all fresh quarts and change your oil?

(Guess who has several 1/2 quarts of oil sitting in his garage ? :oops: )

what do you do?

(I always had a fear some contamination would get in the oil sitting there)
(but hey dumb ass---your the only one in the garage and the cap was on ---so how would it get contaminated) (oil will not go bad, right?)

In case you were wondering
I wash my hands 50 times a day too :roll:

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Unlike brake fluid, which is a use-it-now-or-throw-it-out product, oil will not degrade or absorb water while sitting on the shelf. Just make sure it is capped securely to keep out those big spiders and dust.
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