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Met the Rally master at a Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting hence the cross post. From the website above.

Join us for the
First Annual Lobo Loco Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, Aug. 27th 2016

Looking for a reason to ride your motorcycle?

Want to do more than just ride to a locoal coffe shop?

Interested in discovering interesting new places, strange landmarks, and cool items?

This is an 8 hour motorcycle scavenger hunt.

​You will be given locations throughout scenic areas of Southern Ontario in advance. Each location has a certain amount of points designated to it, depending on how far away it is, how hard it is too find, and what you need to do once you find it. There are WAY more locations than you can possibly hit in the 8 hour time limit, so you need to choose the best route to grab as many points as possible, and get back to the finish line before time runs out.

Highest points wins!
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