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Am letting my fellow inmates know how impressed I am with my new 1050XT. Just finished my first good ride after break-in, a 650+ mile spirited ride with friends across NW CO to Saratoga, WY through Medicine Bow NF and Snowy Range. Am sharing the accessories I added and a quick comment to help anyone considering them. At this point my usage is 95% street, as I ride a dirt bike to do singletrack. YMMV on all this of course, just trying to be helpful.

- Givi Trekker top case 52 liter. Works great, so easy to mount/dismount, watertight. Just the right size to travel a couple days with.

- Givi Trekker 33 liter side cases. Same comments as top case, plus the side-opening door can easily be changed to be top-opening. Cool.

- Givi mounting system for the above: excellent, sturdy. Such good quality and design.

- Givi Airflow windscreen: incredible, gives a nearly wind-free envelope at any speed but allows enough cooling air in. Word of caution: nearly tossed the top windscreen piece over my shoulder when adjusting it on-the-fly on the ride home from the dealer; did not realize it had no stops to prevent that!

- Givi hand wind deflector: combined with Airlfow screen, does a super job. Incredibly the wind envelope is nearly what my '08 Gl1800 Goldwing has.

- Denali D4 lights: increases my oncoming visibility greatly, esp. with amber lenses. Had a pickup begin to dive over, cutting into my path on the exit lane on the interstate yday and he swerved back. I'm certain the amber lights did it.

Denali D4 plug in circuit with switch: allows lights to be plugged into Suzuki's wiring harness and the lights to be turned off, and to go to high when the bike's headlight goes to high. All good here.

Denali amber lenses: improves visibility to oncoming traffic. Made a velcro mounting system so the ambers mount right on top of the clears, instead of having to remove and install each set. Allows to quickly pop them off to have clear light if I am out after dark.

Sound Bomb horn: really great, got the two-piece unit and it is almost invisible.

- Suzuki OEM heated grip package from Adventure level: outstanding heat and control, never had heated grips this good.

- Toturo Adventure chain oiler package: this thing is great. Works exactly as stated. If directions are followed, chain gets lubed and cleaned and very little goes on the rear wheel/hub. Impressed.

- Ram X-Mount: my first one; works great.

- Ram radar detector mount system for Suzuki accessory bar: works great

What a motor and tranny/clutch, good handling, outrageous front brake, not fast but fast enough, cruise control and dash are great. Seat is ok. Am mounting 1.5" bar risers to inprove comfort, but not bad now. This is an amazing bike. There, I got all this out of my system; thanks for tolerating my new-Strom enthusiasm. Will post pics of the accessories and how they got mounted shortly.


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