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Oil level options for Andreani cartridges for 07' dl1000

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I'm thinking of ordering these and I didn't see any info on this page below. if anybody has used these or has any input it would be greatly appreciated. I would rather have adjustable forks if possible otherwise I'm just getting some K-Tech or Traxxion Valves and some straight rate springs and have my tuner play with the shim stack and oil levels. I ride it very hard on the street...minimal off road stuff. I have a Wilbers 641 rear shock going on it at the same time.

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I tried a pair of these on a NC700X. They were not successful on that bike. They are quality equipment and theres no doubting that, but I lost some fork travel with them, and I never managed to get the compression damping where I wanted it. They were professionally fitted and the matter never got sorted despite interaction with the factory. In the end I lived with them until I parted with the bike.

I have no doubt that these quality items work well with some bikes, but my advice is to ascertain travel spec at least, and as many owner reviews as possible (even of other bikes) before taking such an expensive jump. Sadly the work on the NC forks was not reversible.
Kinda tricky. I've done two DL650's with drop in cartridge emulators. Both bikes kicked butt offroad compared to where they had been and both worked better on road as well.

My experience with the 641 rear was a lot of soft shims was the win on a DL650. The bike just ate the nasty washboard roads we have here and I could corner at 100kph on washboards no problems because I still had grip. The KTM's and BMW's I was riding with basically pogo'd off the side of the road trying to keep up (A DL ?, if that can go that fast, we must be able to - our bikes cost 3x as much ...). That also worked on road FOR ME. It's not how you'd set up a race bike but there's a lot of broken seal around here and having grip was the win over a stiffer feeling bike.

Front I suspect will be similar, reasoning there is you aren't going to beat sports bikes anywhere they can put power down, like wide sweepers and straights, but having grip where they have nothing, well you can embarrass them now and then. Emulators don't work the same as the Adreani's so how you get there I have no idea. I liked the Ricor intiminators best but they are very harsh on seal, those are VERY non-linear and work with what's effectively a time delay in the damping, enormous damping on the initial hit, then a valve opens to drop it to sane. My experience is that those were better OFFROAD than Gold Valves and always harsh on seal. Great on road when pushed hard though.

My stock 2014 DL1000 I haven't touched the suspension, rear COULD be better but it's good enough now.
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Done traxxions on a 2014 DL1000 Easy install and minimal adjustments needed
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