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Ohio Riders 5yr Anniversary - June 18th, 2011

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All are welcome. If nothing else, come out for the food and meet some fellow motorcyclists in Ohio.

Statewide : Ohio Riders 5yr Anniversary - June 18th, 2011 - Ohio Riders Motorcycle Forum

Digital Picture Run
Time: Registration begins at 10:00am, List to be handed out at 10:30am
Place: Independent Motorsports, 3930 South High St, Columbus, OH
What: As has become a tradition, we'll be having a digital picture run again this year. $5 each person, winning team splits the pot. After the picture run, We will be having a cookout at Independent Motorsports.

What is a digital run? Everybody who shows up breaks into teams. You can pick your own team or we can put you with a team. Teams will be of 4-5 people. We highly recommend someone in the team being familiar with the Columbus/Central Ohio area. Every team will be given a list of items each worth a specific point value. The teams much go around finding each item (IE: Buckeye Lake sign) and take a digital picture of a team member with the item. Please, no handwritten signs or pictures of signs/items. Take pictures of the actual items. We won't count those. At the end, the team with the most points wins the pot. Then of course afterwards, partying.

The Rules
One camera per team.
Memory card must be empty at the beginning of the scavenger hunt. We will be checking.
No pictures allowed to be taken until the list is handed out.
All team members must meet at ending location together at 2:15pm.
10pts will be deducted for every minute your team is late, up to 10 minutes.
All members must sign the release waiver.

Everyone is invited to the cookout !! If you are not able to do the picture be sure to come out for the cookout. We will be firing up the grill around 2:00pm. Friends and family are also welcome. Justin is going to be nice enough to set up the Wii in the shop and we'll have some stuff for kids to do.

A few things we need if anyone can help out with:
Corn hole set
Card tables

I can come pick this stuff up next week.

As for an unofficial after party somewhere later......
I leave that to who ever wants to put it together. :D