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OEM Plastic Sidecases for 2017-2022 650XT

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I have bought some sidecases used off of the Market Place. The right sidecase works like a charm. The left side locking mechanism will not work. The handle will not completely go down flat which prevents sidecase from being securely latched to bike. Does anybody have any experience with this type of problem with their sidecases. It seems to be some obstruction that will not let the handle properly close. Trying to take it apart, there seems to be pop rivets that hold all of guts of the case. I am afraid to drill out the rivets and have parts go everywhere. I have tried to close with latch open, closeded and with key or without key. No luck! My Suzuki dealer does not know how to repair. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
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Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Trunk Netbook
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If i understand correctly works fine off the bike handle goes down and the case locks? If that is true is the mounting puck the bottom of the case attaches to crooked or angled in or out to keep the bar from Lining up and attaching to the mounting slot on top
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