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I've been lurking and learning for months. I hope this thread makes a contribution to the eternal and enduring luggage discussion -- saving others time. I bought a '08 Vee last July that came with OEM top rack and box. I've been happy with the setup but wanted to add side bags that were larger and more functional than the OEM. After pouring through information here and at VSRI, and talking directly with many manufacturers and vendors, I was unable to find any aftermarket side system that is compatible with the OEM top rack. It boils down to the oval tubular stock that the rack is made from. Specifically, the fact that the rack geometry drops below the plane of the forward mounting bolt means that no other system can attach at that point.

The images show the bike with the box, the OEM rack and a close up of the issue at the forward bolt -- where virtually all side systems need to attach.

I'm on track to replace the OEM rack / top box with the standard accessory rack, then add a Givi E52 (attached via E528 ) top box for daily commuting. I'm considering SW-Motech quick-lock side racks with Caribou side boxes. Thanks to the Stromtrooper community for all the information that helped bring me up the learning curve of luggage.

I should note that the OEM top box has worked well for me and I'll probably sell it and the rack once I get the new setup.


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