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Odd feeling

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So yesterday, hopped on my GSXR forvtye first timensince buying my V, wow... I felt like a contortionist trying to get back on it, felt... Small. Lol.. Was an interesting transition fro. Crotch rocket to adventure.. But cannot beat it for commuting (45 min ride to work everyday) and the V still handles well. Im imlressed with it overall.. (coming from the nimbleness of a sport bike). Sorry just thought id share. Looking for mods later.. Heatd grips will soon be a must here in the pacific north west.. Any other suggestions?
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I can atest to that feeling. I regularly swap bikes... my DL650, then the 1250 Bandit and then I take the SV1000 lowered with GSX-R forks ).

Significant handling and power variations.

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