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Occasional Sticky Downshift Trouble

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Every since new, i have occasionally had difficulty down shifting my 2009 Wee. I have checked the clutch adjustment on numerous occasions and everything is in spec. It's a bit irritating when I can't smoothing shift into 1st coming up to a stop. Usually re-engaging the clutch, than disengaging, allows it to shift to 1st.

Has anyone else experience this problem?

I having been using Motul 5100 10W40 since the first oil change (at 1000 km). (I don't recall if I had problems with the first oil - Suzuki 10W40). I have just over 10000km on the bike now.

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Did you check the actual clutch slack by adjusting the clutch release mechanism in the housing that holds the front sprocket? Many people adjust the clable slack thinking they are adjusting the clutch.

I hate the thought that this could turn into an oil thread, but many people (including myself) happily run Rotella T 5w40 in their bikes and are happy with the shifting.

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