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This didnt make the mark for a ride report but just letting other Queenslanders know we do get out there and hopefully you can join, or meet up with us sometime. One Off, SuzyStrom, Black Widow and Mustang, usually a couple of others join us too.

A fairly laid back trip following some of the Condamine River, meeting on Friday to camp near Oakey. This is a rough map of where we went.

The camping site was great, fire, food and a wee bit of red....its all good.

Here's the bikes - a well deserved stop. We had just completed some pretty marbly gravel along our second dirt section. The earlier dirt section had a little mud, a bit of sand and great farm land, we all made it safely, the Stroms lived up to their versatile reputation.

And our destination before parting ways. Lake Moogerah. This was just beautiful....we plan to go back there. We did a last 10km gravel section to get to the lake. Thanks for the weekend fellas!!!

A great way to unwind and enjoy a weekend I reckon.

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Thanks Mustang (Teepee),

I had a blast. Don't the Stroms look good all lined up like that.
I'd add some pictures too if my camera hadn't died. Maybe Suzy or BW might have a few to put up.

Thanks for putting the ride plan up, the three hours up the highway on Friday was a drag, but that's what we have to do to get to the good stuff.

Thanks to Mustang and SuzyVstrom, and especially to Black Widow who made the effort to come down from the Sunny Coast to join us.


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Great weekend. Tx for organising it, TP (Mustang's new nickname).

First time I've seen Black Widow on a ride without Hiew on the back. We gave him heaps all weekend.
*squeeky baby voice*
"Hiew, Hiew, how do I put the tent up?"
"Which way does the air-mattress go?"
"I can't find my socks."
In the morning his t-shirt was inside out, for real.
He does seem to fart a lot more without Hiew around.
And, no, we can't mention the Octopussy joke.

TP told a campfire story of how he heard someone coming up behind him one night. Out the corner of his eye "the biggest dog I've ever seen." He shits himself. "Faaaark, it's gonna eat me alive." Turned out to be a pony bwaa ha haaa.

Look out, TP. It's a k-k-killer dog, c-c-oming to k-k-kill you.

Second night, we camped at a caravan park. Whilst bantering in the showers, as you do, I made the remark, "I love Crocs" (seeing as I was wearing mine to protect from fungal things what lurk in public showers). There was a definite pause in the conversation. Seems I had been misheard and no one knew quite what to say.
Got that sorted out, thank goodness, and there followed a stream of silly jokes about big wet rubbery ones, 'you know what they say about people with big feet' etc etc

Enough already ...

Some fotos:

Fueling up in Dalby

X marks the spot - OneOff having a rest on a bridge over the Condamine

Condamine River looking a bit pathetic. TP checks his map: "You call that a river?"

TP at the end of a long, straight stretch of gravel

Black Widow, doing the same

Lunch break: ain't no town here. What was that dot on the map? From left: Black Widow, TP (Mustang), OneOff

Haven't been any trains here for a while. Have we mentioned it's flat in these parts?

Power station (gas)

Ice-cream, nom nom (OneOff, Steve C)

Looking over the edge, Moogerah Dam

I wish I had stopped to take a photo of the road sign, but here's the Google Map anyway, to prove there really is a Wanka Road. Hang on, someone else has photographed it, thank you Google Images

Hmm, the sign has weathered a bit since.

A bit of a sad story behind this. Seems the whole family died in 1900 due to eating flour laced with arsenic that was mistakenly given to them. Local lore has it that the flour was meant to be given as ‘rations’ to the local indigenous people who travelled through the Jondaryan Station area. Click HERE for more. A reminder that we're often riding through a bit of history.

Just a sec ...
*ring ring*
"Hey Hiew, how do you preview these posts ..."

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Tx for the RR lads all good fun and nice pics,gee the Condamine does look a bit sad but from the size of the banks it is not a big river there any way or is it bad atm,that fat suzi bike seems to be EVERY where,get a hair cut and get a job Pete.:mrgreen:

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Tx for the RR lads all good fun and nice pics,gee the Condamine does look a bit sad but from the size of the banks it is not a big river there any way or is it bad atm,that fat suzi bike seems to be EVERY where,get a hair cut and get a job Pete.:mrgreen:
Mudderboikes is fer ridin' Don ol' mate. Hopefully got a couple more rides coming up soon. So take yours out and play with it.

And that reminds me, the shower scene will keep me smiling for a long time.
I had to feel a bit sorry for the old gent who came in after us and was waiting quietly for his shower. We had no idea he was there. :mrgreen: With me suggesting it'd been a long time since I'd showered with friends, and Steve pronouncing loudly "I love cocks" (err.. Crocs), it was all on from there, you can imagine the ribald humor that followed.

It all got the better of him and old mate had to ask, "are youse blokes all in the same shower?" :green_lol::green_lol: funny shit.


In summary - we had a bit of everything,

highway drone

freecamp by a creek with campfire, stars, red wine

dead straight, dead flat gravel roads to vanishing point

ski boats on a lake

got chased off by the Gestapo

some excellent technical muddy, sandy stuff

got lost

big cotton country

got lost again

lamb chops at the RSL

a bottle of good Port split four ways

and most importantly, good times spent with good friends. :beatnik:

Thanks fellas,

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... got chased off by the Gestapo
Yeah. To explain, we were riding down a minor road (just past Lake Broadwater, south of Dalby) when a coal-seam-gas mining ute pulled us over and said the road was closed and we had to turn around.

He proceeded 100m down the road and waited until we'd all turned around and ridden past him. He then followed us back the way we'd come. When we got back to the rest area by the lake we pulled over to check the map and plan an alternate route. The ute cruised by slowly.

We figured out another road and headed off. Lo & behold the bloody ute was waiting, backed off the road, just a couple hundred metres up the way. He was waiting to make sure we didn't go back up the mining road.

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Sounds like you blokes has a fun weekend. Thanks for sharing :thumbup:
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