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No Speedo

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Wanted to post this for those of you out there using a speedohealer ,or more importantly the sub harness going to the speed sensor cable connection in behind the Rad. If for some reason you do not have a properly working speedometer and have installed a speedhealer,maybe in the past .You may have a problem at this connection ,as it may be full of WATER... It appears the connection is not waterproof at all ...the diameter of the wire is too small for the plastic adapter and rubber wire grommets ..It is easy for water to infiltrate the connection. i just did a repair on a friends bike where the cruise control would not function and neither would the speedometer ,traced the problem back to the connection behind the rad ... full of water.. :jawdrop: hope this may help others out there trying to fix a problem that again appeares to be an accessory problem no falt of the bike ...:thumbup: