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This might be my first post so here it goes.
I have an 09 DL650, non ABS, non california bike (if that matters). Bike is heavily modified from triple clamps, forward meaning I don't have the OEM Speedo so don't get any error codes. Bike has run flawlessly for 17,000 miles since modification (had been bragging to my KTM friends:)) Heres the history:
- problem started with full pump fuse blowing(twice) 10 amp. figured pump was overheating from low fuel, heat and age.
- went completely dead with no power to the fuel pump at the plug and throttle bodies don't actuate for start up cycle. I believe its a Y/R wire.
- thought it was the fuel pump relay. new relay doesn't solve the matter.
- only way to get bike to work is to remove relay and jumper both sides of plug and hot wire the fuel pump with an on/off switch zip tied to my handlebars (had to get home from out west).
- oddly there is power constantly to the switch side of the relay and at the fuse.
- also, turning the ignition on puts 13v to the power side of relay but that does not trigger the relay, I have even put leads into the plug, tested those for voltage and tried jumping the relay and still doesn't work. When I plug the relay into the plug the voltage drops to just about nothing.
- i've tested the kill switch, side stand switch and they work. Everything on the bike seems to work when the ignition it on.
I'm thinking it might be the ECM and am looking for a local bike to swap with but thought I would come to the larger community to see if i'm missing something simple.
Hope this description makes some sense. HELP. There could be cold beer for the person that solves this. I'm flummoxed.

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The fuel pump relay has four wires connected to it. R/W is power from the #3 fuel fuse, should always be live even with the ignition off, and is connected to one fuel pump relay contact. R/W also goes to the instrument cluster, the ECM and two connections on the ISC valve. The Y/R wire gets connected to the R/W wire when the fuel pump relay closes and feeds power to the ECM, fuel pump and injectors. Y/R is connected to the other fuel pump relay contact. O/W is the ignition live wire which connects to one side of the fuel pump relay coil and also connects to the kill switch, ignition switch, ECM, PAIR solenoid and ignition coils. Y/B connects the other side of the fuel pump relay coil to the ECM so the ECM can turn on the fuel pump relay by connecting Y/B to ground.

If your front end modification allows the R/W to contact ground, it will blow the #3 fuse. I think that is much more likely than blaming it on the fuel pump being old. If your jumper wire goes to the Y/R wire on the fuel pump relay, that bypasses the relay function. It should go to the R/W relay wire but make sure the jumper wire is fused. The R/W wire may be shorting out.
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