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Hey everybody thought I would do a little intro before I start blowing this thing up with questions and comments.

I bought an 06 wee strom last week. Its my... well technically 4th bike but 2 of those don't really count because I keep a 87 700 shadow in my home state of Maine so I have something to ride up there and I had a KLR in Oregon that I used on an epic adventure that ultimately lead me to the strom. I also have my babby an absolutely immaculate 86 700s that I have close by for road work.

So klr was a lot of fun when i was up there but I knew realistically a klr in Houston was kind of a waist and with the much more touring set up of the strom I thought it would make the endless miles of flat straight traffic filled slab go by easier... until I got to thefun stuff. Ill get some pictures up the way you guys like eventually but as of right now she's pretty stock. I will be using and abusing you guys for some upgrade ideas and what not.

This is a great forum I'm glad to be apart of it.