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Nice break from the Slab in SW Ohio (I-71)

If anyone commutes on I-71 in SW Ohio near Morrow, and wants a brief break from the monotony...

If your heading South, you can exit on Wilmington Rd (Exit #36) just North of the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge, turn Left onto Wilmington Rd, and enjoy some twisties across the Little Miami River. You can get back on I-71 at St.Rt. 123 and continue your Southern commute.

If your heading North, its kinda the same thing. Exit on St.Rt. 123 (Exit #32) just South of the Jeremiah Morrow bridge, turn Right on St.Rt. 123, then turn Left onto St.Rt. 350. Enjoy some twisties passing Fort Ancient, then take Middleboro Rd to Wilmington Rd and you're back onto I-71 heading North.
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