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NewCombs Ranch

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This is a last minute ride invite up to newcombs ranch. A friend and I are headed up there tomorrow (sat 9/17) we're meeting at the shell station off the hwy 2 N. exit from 210 W at 9:00 a.m. Any of you pansy's interested? I say pansy's because we haven't gotten together for quite some time. I wonder if any still rides...........:headbang:
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Sorry I missed ya, I rode up with the Triumph bunch from the Wrightwood side but we didn't get there until noon.

Very good as far as handling and ride and better as far as the engine is concerned, love the sound of the triple especially with the Arrow installed.
I think overall the Strom has a better ride, not quite as harsh. That being said the Tiger rides much better than my FZ6 and with a little stiffer set up feels a little more planted in the corners than the Strom. All in all they are both great bikes and either one will get you from point A to B with no drama.
My son bought an 07 wee and loves it, put over 3000 miles on when he rode down from Whitby Island to meet with me in Columbia, Ca. and had no problems at all(other than his ankle).
Here's a little ride report--
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Had a bast and was great riding with my son.:thumbup:

Stay in touch and give me a holler when you want to go for a ride.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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