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Hulloo from a new 'Trooper!

I just got a new-used 2006 DL650 in Oslo, Norway. Purchased recently with about 5000km on the dial, full hard luggage kit, and crashbar and I am adding a centerstand, handguards, and a MadStad screen bracket. I plan to ride this as my primary transport, both commuting and touring.

This is my first bike. I will disregard tooling around Colorado a few years back on a buddies old HD and riding a 50cc scooter here in Oslo. I have also spent a good portion of my life in two wheels riding bicycles, including oddball fixed gear rigs on the streets of Washington DC.

I am already signed up for Norwegian MC classes and plan to have my heavy MC license in the early spring. Because I am ambitious, I'd like to ride up to the Lofoten Islands next fall (about 1700km on way) for a climbing trip rendezvousing with a buddy from the USA. Anyone have tips on such a trip?

Does anybody know if flushmount signal lights are road legal in Norway?


PS: No, I am not Norwegian, my girlfriend is. This is a common story among Norwegian expats.


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