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Hello all.

I'm a new Trooper, having recently (late January 2012) moved to an '07 DL650 (blue) from a 1990 DR350. Yes, it's quite a move up - on the highway.

I'm a big guy (nearly 6' 4") and probably 315 pounds, dressed for my commute.

My commute is 20 miles, round-trip, across a small mountain, and entirely on secondary (paved), primary and small-town roads. Mostly 35-55 mph.

Because of my size, and the fact that my (much, much smaller) wife likes to ride some with me, especially on Sunday afternoons, I had real trouble choosing between a Wee and a Vee. I've been a long-term (6 months or more), very frequent (practically daily) lurker here. Your comments regarding Wees and Vees really helped me a lot. Thanks. I'm glad I chose the Wee. Plenty of power for me, essentially same size bike (frame), and good fuel mileage (53 mpg thus far, with half the miles ridden with my high school senior behind me - I'm hoping for 55+ when I'm riding solo). My problem is staying within the speed limits - not achieving them.

Thanks to all who comment here.
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