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New Wee rider in Fort Worth,Texas

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Hello all,
I have been on this forums for a year now but have not introduced myself properly till now.
I received a 2004 Vstrom 650 on a trade package a year ago and have been slowly working on it and fighting to get it legal to ride. This past week I finally was able to get it legal and put a plate on it and take it on a 100 mile ride and boy do I love it. Can’t wait to start customizing it to make it my own.
If there is anymore strom riders around DFW please reach out. Would love to meet up and get into some adventure riding with people.
I have been riding for many years and have a few other bikes but this is my first of this style and I’m super excited for what’s to come from it.
So if you are in the Dfw area and see a fat guy on a black wee, that’s me.

Have a great day all.
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Welcome to the forum, Txsquatch.

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