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Picked up a 2005 DL1k last night. came with 21k on the clock and a bunch of farkles. very stoked to have it, but the bike sat for a year, so it needs a little TLC with some other tune-up love to get it to where i want it.

farkels are as follows:

-GIVI cases (sides and top), racks, mounting plate (will be selling these as i have a HT set of panniers that I love.

-Corbin Gel seat (also prolly gonna sell, came with the stock seat and i like the added height)

-GIVI crash bars

-Radiator guards.

-Throttlemeister. (going bye-bye, i want the hand guards back)

-20" Cee-Baily wind screen


-2" lowering links... (already have taller ones on order, so if you need lowering links, PM me)

-2 12volt plug ins for heated gear


-New chain and sprockets
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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