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Well, I have lived in and around the Tulsa, Ok area for 56 years now and I have been lurking for over 2 years while soaking up and using the great info from this great crowd.

A little background info.

In 1969, I started out on a Honda 50, then Suzuki 125, then Kawasaki 175. In 1972, I bought a Kawasaki 350 and six months later I met a car head on around 55 mph. Story later if you are interested. That ended my motorcycle days for a while, I did get to dirt ride when I first got married and ended up with a broken foot. I gave up motorcycles for the next 34 years until I was offered a nice job 60 miles away with a decent commute to work and 1 to 4 hours to get home on a BRAND NEW 2007 Goldwing w/ABS. I put 50k on her in 4 years and then the daughter started college and the wife was not able to find employment, so I had to sell her.

I owe the purchase of a slightly used 2009 DL650ABS to a friend who is a BMW rider amongst many other types of bikes. He knew that I like to camp off of the Wing, and had suggested the Wee as a second bike.

Well only 3 months went by without a motorcycle in the garage and when my wife gained employment as a Kindergarten Teacher, I pulled the trigger and went to North Carolina to trailer my new bike home. I was told that I would not make it comfortably on the stock seat.....Boy was he right (Another story to tell).

Looking forward to meeting some of you in person this next year, if my work schedule continues to allow my road trips.

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