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Hi... Is this the AA meeting? Oh, sorry... wrong speech. :mrgreen:

I am in the process of acquiring a 2004 Wee and looking forward to many miles on it. I currently have a 2009 KLR and a 1971 KV75 (resto project) in the garage and wanted something a little more road friendly. Some of my riding buddies said these two 650's overlap too much, but for now, the Wee should be for commuting and long trips and the KLR for thrashing in the rough stuff and mud. If I find out I love the Wee that much more, I might let the KLR go, but for now, I think having a backup is a good thing! :hurray:

Is there a repository somewhere of "known issues" or things to watch for to help me get up to Wee speed? I've looked in a couple of the forums here and not really seen one... Or are there just no issues with a Wee? :thumbup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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