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Hey Guys, Just traded out my Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 for a 2007 V-Strom 650. Jumped from Star Trek to Star Wars ha.

I am located in Tampa, FL and this is my second bike.

I knew I wanted something more geared toward adventure. My Wee has about 26,000 miles on it. I have heard they make it to 100,000 regularly. Only issues I am seeing with the bike is it looks like there is a broken rear wheel sensor for the ABS (I think) and something happening with the electrical in the dash. The dash resets while riding, no issues with rideability though. Most likely a chaffed wire or short somewhere. While riding, the longest the dash went without resetting was about 15 minutes, but the clock did not reset over night at all. 🤔

I am planning on doing a tune up this weekend. New oil, plugs, air filters, check the chain tension. Anything that I should be looking out for with these bikes? Any must have modifications?

It looks like they have added quite a bit to it already. It came with hard sided bags, fog lights (inoperable), a usb charger port/voltage regulator (inoperable I think(possibly stock)), Skid plate, engine guards, a sargent seat, and most importantly a stromtrooper sticker.

Thanks in advance for any help and nice to meet you all! View attachment 294366
I have a 2008 with 55,000 on it and just love the bike.

The one mod that I would seriously consider is the suspension. The stock suspension for me was too light for my size (250+ lbs with gear). I had the bike fitted with Race Tech springs and gold valve emulators on the front and a Nitron shock on the rear and it made just a world of difference in handling and comfort.

Enjoy your new ride!
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