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New to Forum and looking at 2007 Vstrom 650

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Hi Folks - Thought I'll drop in and say Hi...After riding sport bikes for over 15 years, I'm contemplating in picking up a Vstrom.

I'm looking at a 2007 Vstrom 650 with approx 22km. Bike is in very good shape and rides very well. However, it looks the valve maintenance has not been done and it will be due for a rear tire very soon (will also replace front tire as I noticed a slight cracking in the tread). The bike currently has a Givi top box along with the frame bars.

1) As such, what do you guys think is a fair price to pay? Oh, the oil changes have been changed every 4km.
2) What can I expect to pay for a valve check/work? Any recommendation for a good shop in Sydney?
3) What type of tires are you guys running? I suspect my riding will be mostly on pavement.

Any input is greatly welcomed!
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Dl650 2007

Ditto Windinhair post. My trusted mechanic at Mick Dyer in Penrith kept telling me don't waste my money and don't bother with valves till approx 40k kms.
At 41k kms they were all in spec only one was getting close. Absolutely no issues well except it needs throttle position sensor repositioned, but thats normal service stuff. Everybody,well most, loves their bike, so of course you'll get some bias. I'm currently selling my GS1200, which is a great bike I love it but keeping my Strom 650 as I like it so much. Beautiful torque for 650cc. Can't help with $$ but I would want $7k for mine with all its extras, but not selling.
Enjoy every turn of the wheel.
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