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Hey everyone,

I am looking for advice on which rear tire to get for my bike. Currently, I ride on Bridgestone Trail Wing TW 152 Radial F which lasted about 6K miles but now I am wondering if I should try Battle Wing instead or stick with the same I have. Can anyone explain in simple terms the difference between the Trail Wing and the Battle Wing?
To give you an idea what I am looking for:

- I ride 99% of the time on paved roads/highways - no desire to ride on dirt roads unless it's the only way to get to campgrounds
- I tend to scratch my footpegs every now and then on twisty California roads
- I look for a tire that performs well in high speeds, holds well on curvy roads and lasts at least 6K-7K
- No more than $200 please :)

I got the Battle Wing 501 front tire a year or so ago but haven't put it on the bike yet as my current Dunlop Trailmax still has about 1K miles to go- it's been there for the last 15K miles (at least).
Also, I am confused which type I should choose - Revzilla recommends either J or D for Suzuki DL1000 2014 ... it doesn't say anything about older DL650.
If you happen to know of any other tire that I should consider buying please let me know.

I appreciate your feedback!

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