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New to your list, but been biking since before 1970. My bikelife has four segments, so far.

#1 Rode constantly in High School & College, half street/half dirt. It all ended when I graduated from College in 1978 and got married to first wife - no bike fun for 15+ years. Kick myself for being such a pw wuss.

#2 In 1994 got divorced from first wife and finished with Grad school -then started riding again, mostly on the street. In 1997 I got married to the right woman this time, she loved to ride. We got hitched in Glacier National Park and rode all around on our bikes for our honeymoon. My 2nd wife loves to ride, but she quit riding bikes with me after having our babies. She still rides her horses, and I quit riding them, so fair is fair. I never buy brand new bikes or cars, and so I rode a series of 80's bikes, but eventually I got tired of 80's bikes and bought a 1996 Kawasaki GPZ1100 - Sport Touring fun, then after 4-5 years on that I had a serious high-side which took me off the bikes for the rest of the summer. No fun. Sold bike. End of segment #2.

#3 Decided to get more dirt in my riding, because it is more fun, has lower speed and fewer cars, too. So the next spring I bought a 2006 Kawasaki KLR 650, for fun, and later added a 1984 Yamaha Venture - for comfort and some limited road runs.

#4 Bought my daughters a chinese 150cc enduro, which my 12 year old loves, and my 10 year old is too short for. Just last month I bought a 2003 VStrom 1000, cherry with Givi bags and only 25,000 miles which replaces the KLR and Venture, both of which I sold. I need to deal with chudder, but needs little else. I have wanted one of these for a long time, and it is exactly what I thought it would be. I love the thing and look for excuses to get on it. It has some capability for dirt road fun and street comfort in one bike. It doesn't have the protection and comfort of the Venture, but it also doesn't handle like a barge either. It accelerates and corners beautifully, and is easy to maneuver at slow speeds. Dirt roads are okay, but I think I will add an older 350 to ride in the dirt and trails with the girls, and up on our 10 acres of horse property in the woods.

So now I am a Stromtrooper. But I won't wear any uniforms...

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