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After 11.400 I had to replace the stock front tire on the Wee yesterday and my local dealership didn't have the Trailwings. I went with the Shinko 705 just so I didn't have to wait for the order and this is how it's going so far.
When I first left the garage it sorta felt like I was steering on glass (obviously in need of a little break in). In curves I felt like I was falling into them as opposed to leaning into them. I don't know if the old tire was worn enough to lose that much spunk but the Shinko was effortless. New tire or not it seems to be a little more responsive than the Trailwing. If I had to complain about one thing I could only say that on some kinds of pebbley type pavement the Shinko has a bit of a howl to it, maybe because its a little knobbier that a Trailwing. Overall the Shinko does seem much louder but not enough to trash the thing. The Shinko does handle highway speeds just fine. I only took it to 65 or 70 mph. because it was new and noticed no problems. I have a little over 110 mi. on the Shinko now and it seems to be breaking in nicely.
Overall, providing the Shinko has no suprises in store and It has the same longevity as the Trailwings I would buy them again. I will keep you all posted when I get to the 500mi. mark if it is of interest to anyone.
Tire $94
mounted/balance $40
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