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For you SE PA riders, I created a new GPS route this weekend on my Wee Strom. It's an 80 mile route that starts/ends at DYL Airport in Doylestown PA. It travels from the airport between Routes 611 to the North and West and Rt. 32 (River Rd.) to the South and Rt. 263 to the East. Here's what the route has to offer:
a. Twistys galore
b. Steep ascents (18% grade on one climb) and descents
c. Gravel/dirt roads, Chip Seal roads, asphalt roads
d. 3 Creek/Stream crossings (if you want to)
e. 3 Covered Bridge crossings
f. Two airports (Doylestown and Van Sant)- take a flight if you want
g. Gorgeous scenery (especially in the Fall foliage)
h. Little to no traffic on roads
i. Gas Station and Convenience Store on route
j. Bar/Restaurant on route
k. Some short open stretches to open up the throttle
l. Fellow ADV riders on route: saw a VStrom and BMW GSA yesterday on ride
m. Average speed 30 mph (due to steepness, stops, twistys, etc.)
n. Over 8k ft. of vertical.

I have a GPX file that is 200KB. I'd attach it here except it exceeds the file attachment size. You can email me at [email protected] One thing I do ask, if you find a better road in the route area email me so I can include it on the route. I don't, however, want to exceed 100 miles for the route and I do want to keep it off of ALL major roads, that includes: Rt. 611, Rt. 412, Rt. 32, Rt. 263, etc. If it's not safe to ride a bicycle on the road/route, I don't want to include it. If you know of any elite triathletes/bicyclists, give them this route and see if they can do it in a day on their cross or Mtn bike without collapsing. Too much gravel for road bike tires. It's 80 miles long got over 8000 ft. of vertical climbing. It'll take em close to 5 hrs. to complete...if they can complete.
Cheers Rob

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