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New owner 2012 650 saying Hi - idle question

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Picked up what looks like -- knock on wood -- a nearly new 2014 650. She has handguards, engine guards and oxford heated grips but otherwise looks stock. It has 7500km on the clock and I think still running factory tires. New shoes are first on the list and looking to get Shinko 705s.

Only initial question is around what sounds like maybe a slightly "lopey" idle. Nothing in particular I can pinpont, it starts right up, doesn't stall etc, and seems to have good power on the road. Just not 100% steady. I'm new to V twins (previous bikes are old Yamahas, and I have a DRZ400 - all carbs). Anyway, according to the PO after it moved from Nova Scotia to Victoria when it was new it basically sat around in a garage and only went for a couple little spins. Guessing a bit of stale gas maye a some point. I'm planning to run some PEA rich additive through a tank and see if that improves anything.

I will be looking to get some pannier holders and maybe a bash plate and new windscreen. Otherwise just hoping to double or triple the mileage on it in the next year or so.
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Welcome to the forum. Nice looking ride. Best of luck with new bike…
She looks like a sweet unit. Ride it long and hard!
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