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Citing similar gustatory and riding preferences, New England’s smallest rider club (V-Strom Benutzerverein Nordost) and largest (Yankee Beemers) have announced the merger of the two clubs. The merger will take place immediately. Madame Shopkeeper V. Braun has been appointed to explore the new merchandising opportunity.

YB President-For-Life Marc Waegemann commented, “V-Strom owners may be impecunious and smell bad, but they like to eat and are more willing to volunteer at events. YB members know better, so for us it means a few more paying members and less work. And unlike the rest of you they’ve promised not to steal my stuff.”

V-Strom BV Präsident Rob Vertalotto stated “We explored working with many clubs in the region. We felt YB reflected the best fit because first of all, we wouldn’t join any club that would have us, and they didn’t want us. Then we learned that with the preponderance of hi-viz clothing and modular helmets in both groups, no one else could tell the difference anyway. It was a no-brainer. ”

The new club will be called Yankee Veemers.
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