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New magneto looks to be updated with spacers?

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Can anyone confirm that the new magneto has spacers between the magnets now. The one I just ordered shows some kind of plastic spacers? If not I'm using the correct epoxy. I'm not going through this again. I might be selling a few magnets...what's the going price on these? It would be nice to recoup some money. I know I would have easily paid $75.00-$95.00 for the one that I needed.
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"New" magneto? The 2014 and newer DL 1000/1050 rotor has encapsulated magnets. Hardly new now, but certainly a welcome improvement!
BTW...this rotor will NOT fit a 2002-2013 DL 1000 engine.....
Now if Suzuki has updated the service replacement rotor for the first generation to the 2014+ style encapsulated rotor...that IS big news!
Here's a picture of the magneto my mechanic bought.

He said it looks like it has some kind of spacer? I guess we'll just find out. Also what springs did you use or do you recommend now to fix the clutch vibrations. I've read that know one thinks all this vibration in this motor helps rattle the magnets loose? I'm very big on suspension mods and I hoping to find some real good options to improve the stock fork. Any other forks from different bikes directly swap out? Cartridge kits with rebound and compression valves. Do you know how the suspension guru is on this forum. Thanks realshelby! Love this bike.
The yellow/green stuff in the picture is not a spacer. It's just the glue that Suzuki uses to hold the magnets to the rotor.
Yes, that is simply the OEM service replacement for the first generation DL 1000. NOT encapsulated magnets.

Springs in the clutch basket are NOT what cause noises or vibrations known as chudder in these bikes. I use OEM springs....but modify other things that are the problem with the design.
I would add some of the correct JB weld between the magnets on your new rotor. Use Q tips with lacquer thinner or acetone and run them between the magnets until they come out clean. Lacquer thinner or acetone will clean off any oil or dirt and leave the surface ready for the JB weld. Alcohol though it might work fine can leave some oil or other residue behind. You can even thin JB weld with lacquer thinner or acetone.
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