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New K8 - Outfitting Decisions and Questions

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Since the purchase of my K8 Vee in April 2011 and a bit over 2400 miles under the tires, a trip to Americade, aftermarket research, reading here on the forum and talking with other Wee/Vee owners/riders (at Americade), I've made some decisions on outfitting my Vee. Of course, there are a few questions on equipment I've yet to decide upon. So, here goes on those things and inquiries on others. I've already got the SW-Motech center stand and MadStad installed (two thumbs up for both items).

Gear decided upon:

AltRider crash bars - seen them, stainless is great and the fit looks good
Mirror wideners - see more than some of the road behind me
DeNali D1 LED lights - see and be seen more. Two sets, one as euro style 15 degree and one for fog configuration
SW-Motech Quick-Lock EVO Carrier - I like the ability to get the mounts off the bike when not needed, without wrenching a lot.
SW-Motech - GPS mount. I like the GPS mounted where this mount puts it, up nearer the line-of-sight while riding.
CooCase S50 Luxury top case - roomy enough without being overly wide
CalSci Windshield - not sure on the size as of yet, but strongly feel this one is the way to go.
Anduro - Skid Plate and Highway Pegs. Looks like good designs.

Gear Contemplated, with Questions

Above instrument cluster shelf - has anyone mounted such an item while also using the SW-Motech GPS mount?
CB Comm gear - anything out there that's digital, small and utilizing Bluetooth headgear?
Side Cases/Saddlebags - I like the Givi E21 slim design, but it is light on carry weight. Any recommendations on something around the same size/dimensions?
Gear Position Indicators - Do these truly work on the Vee?

There are others, but these are a good start. The clutch basket deal is going to get done, but I need to contact realshelby with a few questions. One recommendation I can make that may have been made by others here on the forum, but I haven't seen it yet: McMaster-Carr McMaster-Carr . A nice site for those that like to fabricate their own and need a good source for metric fasteners. Not the only source out there, but a nice one to be sure.

Thanks in advance for a constructive or educational feedback!
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Narcosis junky

He is on here and makes the finest skid plate there is for a strom. The bracket that holds the rear of the plate on the bike is at least twice as thick as any competitor I've seen. You just can't ask for better. There is not a single dent in mine and I haven't been easy on it.

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Skid plate

+1 on Enduro Guardian's (Narcosis Junky) skid plate and mounting hardware. I'm engaged in a project which often leads me to ratty 19th century cemetery roads, and it's reassuring with this bike's relatively-low clearance to hear the "donk!" as a stone is bounced away from the tender undersides.

His shipping is rapid (I'm on the other side of the continent) and his packing is superbly-safe. Mine fit the SW-Motech crash bars fine without tweaking.
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