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New in Ohio

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I'm new here, but not to motorcycles. Been riding since '04 ('05?) and started with a dual sport (dr350se), then sold it and got a cruiser (en500), then got another dual sport (xt225) and set it up for trail riding. I'm not into sportbikes and I don't often test limits while road-riding so I don't need a big fast beast.

Now, I'm looking at moving up from the beginner cruiser to something more comfortable for weekday suburb/city commuting and much more comfortable for weekend "countryside" rides or the occasional destination ride 1-4 hours long (passenger comfort is a + for that last one).

My tale is the same tale as a variety of others: Concours, ST1100, DL650... Which will fit the purpose I want to use it for... Looking for + and - of the various bikes, mods people do to improve windflow over the bike for 55-70mph cruising, nimble-ness for home/work commuting... Mostly I'm here for information (haven't read even 1/100th of the forums yet) and to see if there are quirks or oddities about the bike that would annoy me a lot.

Not looking to sell the cruiser and buy until spring 2012; haven't even test-ridden anything yet (even new ones are sparse around my location), but I'm pre-searching and finding a minimal number of Wee's on the market; hopefully the 2011 and 2012 bike years will bring a few moreused '07+ bikes onto the market (despite the nuclear plant disaster causing havoc with mfg'ing).

So... Hi!
Southwest Ohio