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Fellow Stromtroopers,

My name is Phargus and I'm new here on the Stromtrooper site.

I ride an '02 VStrom 1000 I've had for 2 years and absolutely love it. It's a Do Anything Beast. I live near Philadelphia, PA, so the best adventure riding near me is southern New Jersey and the Pine Barrens - particularly Wharton State Forest. I prefer to be off road as much as on road! I also ride a '09 DRZ 400 for those particularly dirty feeling days.

If I'm missing any good adventure areas near me, please let me know. I'm also happy to meet up with folks to get a good ride in - dirt or no dirt.

I'm a former MSF certified Motorcycle Safety RiderCoach and Site Coordinator, and used to license motorcyclists for the state of PA. I don't ride like an idiot and my days of 100+ mph are far behind me. I enjoy riding and scenery and great motorcycle people - that's enough for me!

I'm currently looking for a spare set of rims for my VStrom...if you have any laying around you wanna sell. :)

Ok y'all have a great evening! TTYS!
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