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Hello Folks,
I've been looking at the DL650 since 2008, and was real close at the time to getting one. Then I had to replace my truck, so the bike went on hold. Well, the truck is about paid off, so I'm back in the market for a bike.
I was really wanting an ABS model and was looking for a used one, until the new 2012 model was announced.
I wasn't planning on getting a new one, but I really like the new look, so unless I delay my purchase for a used one, then a new one it will be. Just waiting for the dealers now.
I've considered other bikes too, but keep coming back to the Wee because of all the positive reviews, and the type of riding it allows for.

Thanks to all those that contribute all of the excellent information to this great site!! Hopefully I'll have something to contribute myself.
I know, nobody here has any idea of what the new Wee looks like, so I'll be sure and post some pics once she arrives. :mrgreen:
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