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Well - 30,000kms seemed like decent chain & sprocket life so I bit the bullet and replaced the sprockets & chain.

decided to try to bring the fun factor down from 130kph(80mph) so I went with 16 front & 45 rear vs the stock 17/41. the bike feels stronger through midrange but I haven't had it on the highway yet. May have to go back to a 17 front if it's too buzzy. Will keep you strommers posted. Might have to get creeper up from washington state with his GPS so I can put lil red stickers on the speedo to correct for the gearing change (poor man's yellow box)

Replaced the rear pads - the originals still had 30% - the fronts were still 4mm (new ones are 5mm) so left the front alone.

had a weird situation a few weeks ago during a 1000km ride in rain & mud along the KVR & Okanagan. Lost clutch fluid from the slave cylinder rather suddenly & drastically. Thought the seal was damaged with the mud & high speed water splashes. Got more fluid & bled the system (thanks to Cache for being a personal mechanic) and limped back home. Got it to my suzuki dealer who cleaned and inspected the system and found all was ok. topped everything up and no further problems
The only possibility seems to be the huge amount of mud/oil/debris packed in around the slave from the chain, front sprocket & dirt thrown from the front end somehow popping the seal temporarily. Anyone else have this problem ?

road report

new ratio is fantastic The bike rips through the midrange now. No need to rev it hard because it runs with a lot more eagerness.

not buzzy at all on the highway & the speedo seems to be out a small amount - less than 10km/hr - will report further when I ride with someone who has a GPS.

off road - the lower gearing is great - 2 nd gear is now useable and first is fantastic for descending.

unless you're spending days over 90mph, this gearing is great.
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