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New to riding as of late last year. Took my MSF class in February at a Harley Dealership.

Hubs bought a V-Strom a few weeks after that with the intent of him driving it pretty much exclusively and I sort of took it over :)

I had started on a Honda Shadow and had a scrum on it last last year. That event skewed my views on bikes until I took the class. I didn't feel comfortable driving it very much after the incident I had. Being as the V-Strom was brand new and had no stigma's associated with it, I felt more comfortable riding it than I did the Honda. And, hubby's Venture is just too big for me.

So, I got all the gear after taking my class and hubs slowly got me out on the road. First several rides through our neighborhood to get my feet wet, then a short trip out to eat, then another to run some errands and now we pretty much ride on short "adventures" on the weekend.


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