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New DL1000 owner in Fresno

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Just picked up a new to me, and a very lightly used DL1000 tonight. It's a 2006 with just 1,276 miles on the clock, yes just 1,276 might as well be brand new. I have been riding for about eleven years, first on an old Honda 1983 CB100F and for the the last eight on a Kawasaki ZZR1200 just recently the ZZR got a bent valve, and after 114,000 miles I decide it was time for another bike. I had always looked at the big V, having waited to try put some dirt roads, and I even got an old KLR but that has to many problems and it's just to slow. The big V seems perfcet. Can't wait to get some mikes zon her. Now I need to get some Crash bars, the attachment for my Givie trunk and most probably a center stand.