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New Canadian Trooper.

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Hello fellow Canadian owners.

As per @V-Tom 's suggestion, I would like to introduce myself to the Canadian gang.

New member (Simon) here from the Toronto Area.
Been lurking on this forum since I joined back in 2007 (off and on). That's when I came across a V-Strom and also realized that sport bikes and touring do not go well together. This was on a 11 day trip of the east coast on a Yamaha R6. Ontario to Nova Scotia/PEI and all the places in between. At the time I was much younger and my body was capable of taking that kind abuse. Not so much anymore.

After a lot of searching on various online sites, I finally found and recently picked up a 2020 DL1050XA.
My previous bikes were Yamaha R6 and most recently I was riding a Yamaha FZ6.

I was really after a touring friendly bike with comfort, a decent windscreen for wind protection, reliability, esthetically pleasing and some off-road capability. I am not sure how much off-road/gravel I will do but at least I know that a V-Strom is capable of it.

My other choice was a Tracer 900 but I did not like the seating position (I found the legs to be too bent at the knees, and I am only about 5'6 in height). I had always thought that V-Strom's were great bikes and I found a really good deal on mine so it was a no brainer.

This is it on my trailer ready to be taken to a new home.

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Welcome from New Mexico!
Looking good! Welcome from Ottawa.
Welcome from Texas, you’re in the right place
Welcome from Marmora,where the riding begins. Grandpa here. Don’t strap your bike down on from the handle bars. Rear straps would be better down low,like through the wheel,in gear.Someone will chime in it is hard on the trans.(harder than rippin thru the gears,or locking up the wheel in a slide.?.)
Bolt the chock down.

Ride & May your every ride be “Un-eventful”.
Welcome to the group and that is a nice bike!
Keep a look out for the April ride/lunch to Bancroft - last year around 30 Stroms showed up and it was pretty sweet.
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Welcome.Hope you have many trouble free miles on that beauty.See you out there.
Hello fellow Canadian owners.

As per @V-Tom 's suggestion, I would like to introduce myself to the Canadian gang.
Glad you made it here!

I look forward to meeting you!

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Welcome to the forum, Simon. My 2006 DL-650 has carried me to all the provinces, generally with an ugly hodge-podge of luggage, most of it designed for home-bound use. The bike doesn't care what it is carrying, and evidently I do not much care what it looks like.

When you mention riding to the Maritimes, and you leave out Newfoundland, I think that you missed out on something wonderful. Next time, and there will be a next time, go to our newest province, and follow these three guidelines:
1. Meet the people of Newfoundland. They are cheerful and cordial and welcoming ...for starters!
2. Try to visit most of the island. If you leave out Labrador, never mind; it will still be there next time.
3. Did I mention that the people of Newfoundland and Labrador are a treat to meet?
You will wonder, why the dickens is my FACE tired?
... I will tell you now, that will be from smiling.

In ONE DAY, I rode to Bay Roberts ... looked at a grounded iceberg ... local fellow said, "Bergs dat size, we calls dem Growlers" ... seconds later, it growled and rolled over ... I asked if he had the remote for that in his pocket ... "Hey, Bye, dere's a screwhead in yer front tire" ... he crouched, spat on it, rubbed the spit ... "It ain't leakin, but don't ya be pullin' dat out!" ... I rode to a gas station and waited ... biker showed up ... "What should I do about this?" ... "Folla me, bye!" ... bunch of people fixing cars and bikes ... "Het, BIZE, der's a Come-From-Away wid a trouble in his tire!" ... a minute later, someone with a plug-it kit in his pocket had unscrewed the screw and plugged my tire ... my hardest work of the day was persuading him to accept $5 for his work (extra 5 inside it) ... I rode to Dildo ... photographed the bike in front of the Post Office ... didn't stay long, just in-and-out ... I rode to Heart's Content to photograph my bike in front of the red-and-white helical pattern on the lighthouse ... people picnicking offered me a sandwich ... I replied, "No thanks, I just came for a haircut, but I see the barber is out." ... they pretended to smile ... rode back to St. John's and parked the bike, then walked around downtown ... that was MY Canada Day, and I haven't ever had a better one!

The repaired tire got me back to Toronto. The smiles are still with me.

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Welcome to the forum! hope to see you in Bancroft in the spring! I'm from Kingston.
Welcome Syz from the deserts of Arizona. That's a nice looking bike. I have a 2018 1000XT and I love it. Not sure how it will work for you but that smallish windshield is amazing. I'm a flat six feet and I can ride all day at highway speeds without any buffeting.

Hey Keith, I loved your story. It looks like I need to add Canada on my bucket list. It sounds like there's some really nice folks up there!
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Welcome! Bradford/Newmarket rider here!
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