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New camp light/trouble light penny mod

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I just completed my annual summer month long ride. I traveled 8600 miles through 19 states in 28 days. I did a lot of camping as usual. This year I tried out something new and liked it so much I have just improved on the concept. It has the added benefit of making my Wee into a Hybrid vehicle.

When I am camping I usually have a headlamp for night use around camp and inside the tent. These use 3 AAA batteries. They are good for hands free use. However I thought it would be nice to have Malibu lighting around the tent so I purchased $5 rechargeable Malibu style light at Lowe's. While riding during the day it was attached to the gear behind me and charging. Then after dusk, I had a soft LED light outside my tent to add ambiance. I could also use it to find gear in my side cases or place a small stick in the hollow peg and then put the stick into a wine bottle for light on a picnic table so I could read or write in the journal. It was nicer than a candle and not as messy or prone to blowing out. I placed the light in my tent's gear storage net to throw light inside the tent while getting ready for bed.

The cheap light I used had some limitations. It did not throw out many lumens. The fluted plastic globe broke 2 of the 3 tabs off and made placing the lamp top on the globe difficult towards the end of my trip. I wanted something easier to place on a table or hang from a tree to throw light on whatever I was doing.

I went to Lowe's today and purchased a $16 rechargeable flood light. It is slightly larger than the cheap light but I found it easy to adapt to my needs and easier still to fix onto a R-A-M mount for charging during the day. I have attached photos to show you how I used the R-A-M mount. I have 2 R-A-M mounts on my bike. I decided to not use the one on the handlebar as the unit would likely blow off in the wind stream. Also this is the place I use my GPS. The other R-A-M mounting site consists of a short piece of aluminum angle moulding that uses the same top screw holes that attaches my Madstad bracket to the front fairing. (The photos show the light attached to the handlebar instead of the front fairing behind the windshield). Also, if you use the handlebar area, make sure the light will clear the windshield when turning the bars.

I used a R-A-M base that with a ball attachment point on one end and a screw for attaching a camera opposite the ball. I simply used a 1/2" PVC irrigation plug to screw onto the R-A-M base. I used Locktite to make sure it would be secure. The 1/2" plug fits securely into the end of the light housing. The light can be easily removed for use around the campsite. It has an off switch and 2 intensity settings. It can be used on or off the bike as a trouble light. It can he hung from a tree branch or supported on the solar panel and placed on a flat surface such as a table for use when reading, writing, cooking, studying maps, or any other project you want to do around the camp.

I hope to do a write up of my entire trip in the next few months complete with photos. It was another spectacular ride around America. Stay tuned.