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April 1, 2010

Gear Xpander Wash

The 2010 Aerostich and RiderWearHouse catalog introduces Gear Xpander Wash, a new fabric treatment for the rider whose jacket, pants or riding suit has mysteriously become smaller over the winter. The concentrated wash-in formula works at a sub-molecular level to soften the internal fiber structure of textiles, providing an expansion of up to one full garment size. Garment strength and durability are not affected. After washing, riders immediately wear their damp gear for 20 minutes, which allows the fibers to re-conform where needed. Then the garment is machine-dried to 'set' the fabric at the newly expanded size. Treated suits should not be worn in rainy or damp conditions as the fibers will return to the original pre-expanded size, which can be a choking hazard. Gear Xpander Wash is $847 per 5 oz bottle.

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New 2010

The just released 2010 Aerostich/RiderWearHouse catalog contains Gear Xpander Wash, and over one hundred other all-new items, plus dozens of customer-supplied photos, sidebar articles, guides and non-commercial content. Riders looking through the free 228 page catalog find thousands of useful and competitively priced products for all types of riding. Everything is in-stock and available for immediate shipping. The complete catalog may also be browsed and searched at the updated website, which features an animated 'mix & match' suit color selector, a digital self-sizing tool, some unique historical and entertaining items, and a few Easter eggs to keep things interesting. If you still have some money, ordering is easy and secure. And if not, the catalog is still FREE. Get yours at [email protected] or 800 222 1994.

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  • Gear Xpander Wash Features:

  • Expands garments up to one full size.
  • Wash-in formula softens internal fiber structure.
  • For all synthetic fiber textiles.
  • Wash, wear and dry to 'set' new size.
  • April Fools (not the 2010 Riderwearhouse catalog).
To get a free catalog, call 800 222 1994 or email [email protected].
To order or for further information, call Aerostich/RiderWearHouse at: 800 222 1994, FAX: 218 720 3610
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How cool would it be to have playing an April Fool's joke be part of your job? Seriously - I'm a woodworker, and Lee Valley (a higher-end tool maker) will actually spend money creating proto-types of ridiculous tools and posting them in their online catalog as April Fool's jokes. Wish I had that kind of time/ money. :)

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I still want a set of their remote control zipper actuators from a couple of years ago - how cool would those be? :)
They were still in the 2009 Catalogue!

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