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Well, my new weestrom is do to arrive shortly and I'm planning on a test ride to Utah. I have several questions concerning farkles.
1. I am considering a Pat Walsh engine guard and bash plate. Anyone have any thoughts on this decision?
2. I want a center stand, preferably with a large foot area for stability on soft ground. Ease with putting in stand with full load would also be appreciated. Comments?
3. I want to have handguards, heated grips and a throttle lock. Anybody have a combination of the above that work together? I'd like the handguards to mount to the handlebar at both ends if possible.
4. I have a J&M JMCB-2003 CB radio. Anyone know if their Suzuki cruiser mount will fit a 'strom?

I'm sure I'll have more questions later, but this should do for now. Thanks in advance for sharing the wisdom!
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