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I rode the bike for 180 miles this morning, through Mark Twain National Forest, Rolling River State Park and Table Rock Lake recreational area in Shell Knob, Missouri, right above the Arkansas border and what a ride it was!

The bike performed perfectly and reminded me how nice a light and nimble bike can be in the curves as compared to an 800+ LB monster like my Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster, that I left in the garage this morning.

I rode predominately at 55 to 60 mph, with a few miles of 70 mph thrown in and when I filled up, I was happy to see 60+- MPG!!!

I was very comfortable and liked the ergonomics and riders triangle. The seat was comfortable too. The wind screen in the center position was great, with the air flowing over the top of my helmet. The handling was fantastic and all I had to do was think to change directions as I entered into or exited a curve. The suspension was very nice and soft and soaked up some areas of local roads that I avoid on other bikes.

I love the little V-twin engine! I wear ear plugs and wear a full face helmet and when at a stop, I had to rev the engine to tell if it was even running! I really like the smoothness and torque that makes the riding fun.

The transmission is typical Suzuki: Precise, quiet and requires very little travel to select gears.

Upcoming accessories will be a Fenda Extenda, Skid plate and some larger foam grips.

I have lots of bags and travel cases to tie on the luggage rack to carry stuff.

So far I am a Happy Camper:grin2:

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