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Just got my Madstad windshield yesterday. Took about 30 minutes to install and was a reasonably simple
process. All the parts that were included fit right including the new adjustable brackets.
I opted for the 20" model which is marketed for people in my height range 6' 1" and is adjustable about 2"
up and down . It also can tilt about an inch. That inch on the bracket moves the top portion of the windshield
back and forth a good bit more than that. You can choose from 18 - 20 or 22 inch versions in clear, light grey,
medium grey and dark grey tints. This windshield is about 4 " wider than the stock 2017 one. And also mounts
more forward than the stock one. Reduced turbulence is huge. Calm sweet air at cruising speeds.
Worth the money ? I have to say yes. I rode a good 65 miles with it today and it worked flawlessly.

My only real gripe is the mounting brackets have no markings - so when making adjustments you are either
eye balling it or just plain guessing. I have reached out to the Madstad Engineering group about this issue.
They are located about 75 miles west of me in Brooksville Florida. Here are some pics to ponder.
Sorry for the twisted pics.


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