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NEP throttle lock installation on 2011 Wee

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Can anyone tell me if the NEP throttle lock works by gripping the throttle tube or by flexing and creating friction between the throttle housing and the throttle tube ridge? I tried to install the NEP CC-4 and unlike many other folks experiences that I read had plenty of clearance to get the unti mounted. Maybe a bit too much. In any case I can't get enough friction to lock the throttle no matter how much I tighten the set screw. I took it apart and measured the throttle tube diameter which was about 30mm and the NEP clamp diameter which was about 35mm when closed all the way, so there is no way it’s going to work if it supposed to grip the throttle tube when closed.

I have a 2011 and don’t know if there were any changes in throttle tube diameter from prior years. BTW, stop tab on the unit did fit nicely around the the top throttle cable on my bike.

Thanks in advance for any help.