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Nelson Rigg SIERRA DRY SADDLEBAGS, Home made racks

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So I bought a set of the above bags. I am pretty happy with them so far. I don't think that I will use saddle bags often so I am trying to stay inexpensive. As these are "throw-over" bags, (and staying cheap), I fabricated a stand-off on the left side to accommodate. The bar is 3/16" aluminum. I eye balled the bends. I used a propane torch to heat the metal then hammered it in to submissions. Below are the photos. Note that the aluminum bar alone did not satisfy me so I riveted on a scrap piece for more area that the bag will lay on. It is mighty ugly. I don't intend on leaving this contraption on the bike full time so I am not too concerned about appearances. Note on the right side I installed a heat shield to keep the bag off of the muffler.

With all this said, I like the PMR racks but they are no longer available. Anyone happen to have an old set laying around their garage taking up space? (2014 DL 650)

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For a every now and then looks functional. Great solution hope someone has some old ones.
I did the same on my wee.

I used thinner alloy and went down to near the pillion peg, there is a hole there.

I would only put mine on when needed so the pillion peg hole made fitting and removing much easier.
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I'll bet you had a smile on your face while taking those pics. Well done.

One suggestion. Paint it black.
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Nice work.... For anyone wanting something similar, Aventure Tech sells a saddle bag guard that looks to be a nice product.
Saddle Bag Guards - AdventureTech, LLC.

OP: bonus points if that heat shield is a Dollar Tree baking pan... I use those for various shop duties.
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Thanks for the compliments.
I like the Adventure Tech guards too but I don't think he makes them for 2nd generation Wee. I'd considered painting it black but as mentioned, it will only be on the bike when I need saddle bags.
The heat shield is a real heat shield but the extra piece on the left side is the crumb pan from an old toaster over. The frugal comes out in me sometimes.
I like the Adventure Tech guards too but I don't think he makes them for 2nd generation Wee.
Correct. Mine are for 2014+ DL1000/DL1050 and 2017+ DL650s.

The 2017+ DL650 needs careful attention paid to how far the bags hang down in order to avoid heat from the muffler. It's a real challenge for some. I expect a similar challenge for the DE800.
Very nice indeed! Let us know how they work out!
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